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What to Expect After Your Denver Auto Injury

Mark A. Simon Aug. 22, 2018

Undergoing a Denver auto injury after an accident is stressful. Not only are you having to recover from your accident, but you will need to work with your local insurance company to manage your claim—and all elements involved with your case. From seeking medical care and going over insurance, to understanding coverage, and speaking with your premier auto injury lawyer—a lot may be on your plate. Learn what to expect and how to get help along the way.

Seeking Medical Care

For severe car accident injuries, an ambulance will be needed. You can speak with the team if you have a hospital preference and they will inform you if it is safe to take you (depending on how far it is and the extent of your injuries). However, for others, it may not be an absolute emergency to send you to an emergency room as soon as possible. Regardless, it is important to get checked out after an accident to ensure you do not have a concussion, brain trauma or other issues that may not show symptoms right away. If you are contacted by an insurance company to settle right away, do not sign any documentation until you have fully completed your medical care.

Insurance and Coverage

When it comes to car insurance in Colorado, the state has a tort system. This means the responsible party’s insurance company will pay the medical and property damage claims. For this very reason, those in Colorado must have liability insurance to cover another driver in the event of an accident. For paying your claims, drivers are covered under the MedPay law, which allows drivers to be seen right away in case of an injury and claims are taken care of up to a certain amount. Speak with your insurance company on what your MedPay coverage is.

When to Talk to a Lawyer

After an accident, you will have several people working with you. There will be insurance agents discussing your claim with you, doctors, companies reaching out to you for care and more. There are a few reasons why you may be taken advantage of and need to speak with a top Denver attorney:

  • Problems with your insurance company, including coverage issues

  • Low settlement amounts

  • Negligence

  • Fatalities or debilitating injuries

  • Incorrect police report

You can review the reasons why your claim may be denied after an auto accident in Denver. No matter what your questions are, it is best to speak with an attorney if you have them. The quality of your life and health is important. You will feel at ease knowing there is someone on your side.

For all of your auto accident injury needs, Mark A. Simon is your go-to Denver attorney. You can expect to receive dedicated care to your case to help you get the settlement you deserve. Our office will review your claim, help you understand insurance and more to help you know what your case is worth. Contact Mark A. Simon today to schedule your free consultation or call.