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Top 6 Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

Mark A. Simon Sept. 23, 2015

Workers’ compensation is an important system that is designed to provide benefits to employees injured on the job. However, there are instances when a workers’ compensation claim has been denied and the injured worker has to hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Denver to receive the entitled benefits. Here are the top six reasons workers’ compensation claims are denied:

  1. The injury isn’t reported in time: As soon as possible, it’s important to document and notify your employer of your injury. The more that you delay, the more difficult it will be to prove that you deserve to be compensated. Your insurance company may also say that because you never reported the injury, it never occurred.

  2. There isn’t a witness at the time of your injury: When you can’t provide a witness to your incident, then it can be hard to prove that your case was indeed work-related. One way to avoid this is to report the injury immediately to your supervisor.

  3. Your medical exam and accident report are inconsistent: Your employer may order an independent medical exam once you report your injury and accident report form. If what the doctor finds and what you reported on your accident sheet are inconsistent, the insurance company will have a good reason to refuse your claim. Make sure to provide the details very accurately when you make an injury report and when you give your statement to your employer.

  4. Claim filed after worker was fired or laid off: Sometimes, an injured worker fails to file the claim before they are fired or laid off. If this happens, your former employer may think of it as a revenge claim and could deny it. Time is of the essence when submitting an injury claim.

  5. The worker is under the influence at the time of accident: If you are found to be intoxicated at the time of the injury, your insurance company will have a strong reason to deny the claim.

  6. The worker refused to give a recorded statement to the insurer: Your insurance company may ask for a recorded statement from you after the injury. However, without an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, you maybe uncomfortable giving the requested statement. If the request for the recorded statement is refused, the insurer may find reason to deny your claim.

Being injured on the job and filing a workers’ compensation claim can be a frightening and daunting process. Make sure to contact a trusted personal injury attorney, Mark A. Simon. With 25 years of practice in managing these cases, he has vast experience as a workers’ compensation attorney Denver depends on. Give him a call today to find out how to approach your claim and to maximize your benefits and recovery.