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Whiplash is a complex injury with symptoms that can range from neck pain and stiffness to headaches, dizziness, and even tinnitus. It's often the result of a rear-end collision, but can also stem from falls, sports injuries, or physical abuse.  

Regardless of the cause, if you're experiencing these symptoms, you must seek medical attention promptly. Early treatment not only helps your recovery process move along, but it also strengthens your claim for financial compensation. 

At Mark A. Simon, Attorney at Law, we've stood by countless clients suffering from the debilitating effects of whiplash. We've seen firsthand the physical pain, emotional turmoil, and financial stress that a whiplash injury can cause. It's our mission to guide you through this difficult time and fight for the compensation you need to cover all the damages you’ve endured. 

We understand the challenges in proving a whiplash injury. Contact our personal injury firm today to share your story and learn how our lawyer can help you seek justice.  

What Your Whiplash Claim Needs to Prove 

Whiplash is a prevalent injury, with approximately 3 million cases reported in the United States each year. According to the Mayo Clinic, they’re most frequently caused by rear-end car accidents. To build a successful whiplash claim, you must demonstrate that another party's negligence caused your injury. This means proving that: 

  1. The other party had a duty of care towards you (e.g. obeying traffic laws while driving). 

  1. They breached this duty (e.g. by rear-ending your vehicle). 

  1. Your whiplash injury was a direct result of the accident (e.g. no pre-existing conditions). 

  1. As a result, you suffered harm or losses (e.g. physical pain, medical bills, and lost wages from missed time from work). 

Our lawyer will help you gather evidence to establish these key elements and strengthen your case.



Unique Challenges of Whiplash Injury Claims 

Unlike a broken bone or a visible wound, whiplash isn't the most obvious injury, making it harder to demonstrate the extent of your suffering. Whiplash injuries can be tricky to prove because: 

  • They don't always appear on medical tests. While X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs can show fractures or other physical trauma, they may not detect soft tissue damage, the main cause of whiplash. 

  • The symptoms are similar to other conditions. Neck pain is a common complaint for many health issues, making it challenging to prove that your whiplash was the result of a specific event. 

  • The effects may not show up immediately. Whiplash symptoms can take hours or even days to manifest, and by then, it's harder to connect them to the accident. 

Our team is well-versed in handling these challenges and will work tirelessly to build a solid case for your whiplash injury claim. 

Providing Reliable Guidance Through Your Claim Process 

Filing an insurance claim for a whiplash injury can be a daunting task, especially when you're already dealing with physical discomfort and emotional distress. That's where we come in. We're here to shoulder the burden of the legal process, allowing you to focus on your recovery. 

Gathering evidence is a crucial step in filing your claim. We'll help you assemble all necessary documentation, including medical records, bills, receipts, and proof of any financial losses such as lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses. Even if your symptoms don't appear until later, we'll guide you through the process of seeking medical attention and adhering to treatment plans. We know that following your healthcare provider's instructions is key to strengthening your claim and preventing insurers from questioning the legitimacy of your injuries. 

We're here to help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. If necessary, we'll negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, guide you through a denied claim, or even help you file a personal injury lawsuit. You can trust us to accurately calculate the damages you're entitled to — from medical expenses and lost wages to pain and suffering — and fight for that full amount.  

We're here to advocate for your needs and stand by your side every step of the way. With us, you're not just a case number — you're a valued individual deserving of justice and fair compensation. Trust us to handle your whiplash claim with the compassion, dedication, and knowledge you deserve. 

Statute of Limitations for Filing a Claim 

In Colorado, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is typically two years from the date of the accident. However, it's crucial to note that there are exceptions to this rule.  

For instance, if you only discovered your injury sometime after the accident, the clock may start ticking from the date of discovery, not the date of the accident. This exception can often apply to whiplash cases, as your symptoms may not appear immediately. 

For car accident cases, the statute of limitations extends to three years. Again, this statute often applies to whiplash injury claims, as long as your whiplash was caused in a car collision. But again, this can vary based on the specifics of your case. No matter what, it's in your best interest to consult a reputable car accident lawyer in your area.  

Whiplash Attorney in Denver, Colorado 

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