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Crashed electric car severely damaged

Electric Car Accidents: Black Box & Personal Injury Claims

Electric cars are sleek, eco-friendly, and they're revolutionizing the way we think about transportation. But like any vehicle on the road, they're not immune to accidents.

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Car Accident in winter due to slippery road

What You Should Know About Winter Driving Accidents

It's that time of year again. While winter in Colorado is a beautiful season, it also brings hazardous road conditions that can increase the risk of car accidents. As a driver, it is important to know how to stay safe on the roads during the winter months. And what to do if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a winter driving accident.

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Police asking question to accident witness

Information You Should Ask Witnesses

According to statistics from the Colorado Department of Transportation, there were 95,211 total traffic crashes in 2022. In the state of Colorado, individuals who are involved in an auto accident may be entitled to pursue damages through a claim or lawsuit. However, to establish fault or liability in your injury claims, you may need to provide witness testimonies and statements – among other forms of evidence—to support your case.

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Teenage Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident

Are Parents Liable for an Accident Caused by Their Teen?

Parenting is both a rewarding and challenging experience. When children enter their teen years, those challenges may be magnified, especially when they obtain their driver’s license and get into their first car accident.

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Stag in the Headlights of a car at night

Who’s Liable When a Car Accident is Caused by an Animal?

Most of us are familiar with the process of filing an insurance claim after an accident with another car. You exchange information with the other driver, take pictures, then contact your provider to start the claims process. Maybe you rear-ended the other driver or maybe they ran a red light—but you can typically figure out who was at fault. But who is liable if avoiding hitting an animal caused an accident?

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Car model and judges hammer

Three Important Reasons You Should Speak With a Car Accident Attorney

According to statistics from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), there were 95,033 total traffic crashes statewide in 2022. In Colorado, auto accident victims may be entitled to pursue financial compensation for injuries and damages suffered by filing a claim or lawsuit. It’s crucial to hire an experienced car accident attorney when seeking damages for proper guidance.

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Sad Man After Car Accident

Common Misconceptions About Car Accident Claims in Colorado

Colorado has more than 100,000 vehicular accidents each year. In 2022, the fatality toll increased to its highest level in 10 years, jumping up 57 percent during that decade and 6 percent from 2021 to a total of 745, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

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Businessman Sitting at Table and Giving Paper Sheet to Worker with Broken Arm

How Pre-Existing Conditions Affect a Workers’ Comp Claim

Roughly 87% of Colorado’s civilian workforce is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. On average, more than 21,000 work-related injury claims are filed every year.

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Loss Adjuster Insurance Agent Inspecting Damaged Car

Should I Talk to the Insurance Adjuster?

Being in an accident is a lot to deal with. When this happens, you probably think that the worst is behind you. Unfortunately, there is one more thing to worry about after the accident: the insurance adjuster.

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Medical Billing Statement

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After An Accident?

If you’re injured in an automobile accident in Colorado, many drivers figure their own insurance policy will cover their medical and other expenses and losses associated with the accident. However, if you have only the basic auto policy required by the state, you may be in for a rude awakening.

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