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Workers’ Compensation in Denver and Your Temporary Total Benefits

Mark A. Simon March 8, 2017

Accidents in the workplace happen. Unfortunately, in some cases, you will be off work to allow yourself to heal from the injury. You will also have to spend time in and out of the doctor’s office to get you on your way to recovery and back to work. When filing the proper claim, workers’ compensation in Denver will provide you with benefits to get you through as you get your injury back to the quality it once was. Learn more about temporary total benefits and reasons to consult with a premier local attorney to help you through the process.

Filing Claim

Upon sustaining an injury on the job or an illness because of the work environment, you must provide your employer with notice in writing of the injury in four working days. This isn’t a suggestion; this is Colorado law. Failure to do so may reduce the amount of the benefits you can receive. Upon submitting your notice of injury, talk to your employer about which doctor to see as they may have a provider you must go to. Your employer will take your notice and file a report that will begin the process for your workers’ compensation. The insurance for the claim will review the case and investigate, then provide what they will cover due to your injury.

Temporary Total Disability

While out for an injury, workers’ compensation will pay you two-thirds of what you normally make each week. This is known as “temporary total disability.” These payments will be paid to you on a bi-weekly basis. According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employments’ Disability and Benefits, there are few circumstances to when your benefits will end. The top reasons benefits end is when you have recovered and go back to work, or the doctor treating you authorizes you to go back to work. However, there are a few other reasons the benefits may end. First, you must go to all required doctor’s appointments. Next, the doctor treating you may state that you have reached your “maximum medical improvement,” which means you have done everything you can for your condition. Last, there may be other reasons not listed that the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment says your insurer may end your benefits.

Benefits of Using an Attorney

To ensure your claim is filed properly and you do everything you can on your end to receive the benefits you are eligible for, you can consult the help of an attorney. This is one of the best ways to ensure you get what you are entitled to. They can also help to explain complex terminology and handle any hang-ups or issues that your employer or the insurer brings. Working with an attorney can be especially helpful in larger cases. As you work on recovery, the last thing you need is to have more worries on your plate.If you have been injured or become ill due to a workplace injury or poor environment, Mark A. Simon is your go-to attorney at law. Mark has been serving the Denver area for over 20 years and will personally handle your claim to ensure you get what you deserve. Review our recent article Is Your Employer’s Insurance Company Spying on You? Advice from a Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Next, contact Mark A. Simon today for a free consultation.