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What to Know About Personal Injury when On an Outdoor Expedition in Colorado

Mark A. Simon Aug. 1, 2018

You’re headed to the mountains with friends for a planned getaway, one which includes a ton of risky outdoor activities. Perhaps you’ve decided to take an excursion to go white-water rafting on the Arkansas River down in Buena Vista. Or maybe you’re on a week-long guided hike through a part of the Rocky Mountains that you’ve had your eye on for many years and finally have the courage (and time off) to turn your dream into a reality. Whatever outdoor activity you may be engaged in, there are some important things to be aware of from your Denver personal injury attorney.

Injuries on Guided Tours

If you’ve made the decision to seek the services of a professional tour guide, it can be easy to believe that you’ll be under the safest, most reliable guidance possible. Indeed, tour guides can take you on trips to places you normally wouldn’t be able to access depending on your particular skill level, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be free from harm.

No matter how experienced or knowledgeable a tour guide may be, they are human and as a result are prone to making mistakes that can result in serious consequences. If these mistakes have led to injuries that could have been prevented, you should seriously consider legal action as a way to remediate the situation and receive adequate compensation.

Negligent Action Is Not Protected

Injuries that occur under the guidance of a tour company may have been caused due to negligence on the part of the tour guide, meaning they may be liable in court for any damages incurred. If you are hurt on a professional expedition and are seeking legal recourse for your injuries, it is important to provide as much evidence as possible in order to prove that the company was at fault. Although a liability waiver will protect a company against many potential injuries, it does not provide total legal protection against negligent actions.

If you believe a particular tour guide has taken actions that have led to your injury, such as committing obvious or blatant mistakes that directly led to your particular injury, it is very possible that you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. In this case, it is critical to seek out supporting evidence, such as having fellow individuals on your expedition attest to your claims. The company may have committed an oversight, such as leading your party into an area they didn’t have legal access to, which can provide enough evidence to sway your case.

It is important to seek out the services of a qualified personal injury attorney that will advocate for your rights every step of the way. Mark Simon is someone who will fight tirelessly for your rights and ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement. He will begin the investigation process immediately, ensuring you receive the highest level of representation in the industry. If you have been injured and are wondering what your options are, contact him today to discuss your legal options during a free consultation.