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What Happens if I Get Hit by a Stoned Driver?

Mark A. Simon Jan. 8, 2021

Colorado residents and tourists alike have been able to enjoy medical and recreational marijuana for several years now. While most users are responsible and do everything they can to use marijuana and cannabis products in safe ways, others are less cautious. They make reckless decisions like driving while stoned and, as a result, put other drivers at risk. While the frequency of DUI-related accidents hasn’t increased dramatically, they still happen. How you handle the accident can be a bit different than you would with a person that’s under the influence of alcohol. Here’s what you need to do.

Move to Safety if Possible

As with any accident, the best thing you can do for yourself and your passengers is to move your car to a safe spot if at all possible. This means moving to the far right-hand side of the road and out of traffic if you can. Both parties involved need to do this together. If you think that the other driver might take off, make a mental note of the make and model of the other car and move to safety yourself. If they drive off, let the police know what happened.

Call the Police A.S.A.P.

Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal, just like driving under the influence of alcohol. This means you’ll want to call the police as soon as you’re in a safe spot. They’ll help you deal with the other driver and can make sure they won’t put other drivers in danger while they’re high. Even better, the police can act as a mediator and help you navigate the situation calmly. If other drivers stop to help, the police will collect their statements to gain a better idea of what happened.

Get the Driver’s Information

The convenient thing about drivers who are high is that they’re usually still coherent. This makes it easier to get their information at the scene. The important thing to remember when dealing with drivers that are under the influence of cannabis is to be patient. You may need to repeat questions several times before they take action. If you’re not comfortable asking for contact information on your own, wait until the police arrive. In the meantime, you can take pictures of the other driver’s vehicle, their VIN number, their license plate, and the scene of the accident itself. This will make things easier when you talk to your insurance agent to initiate the claims process.

Contact Mark A. Simon for Additional Help

If you’re injured after getting hit by a stoned driver, don’t wait. Get legal help as soon as you can. Mark A. Simon, Attorney at Law, is here to help you navigate the process and make sure you get the compensation you deserve to help you focus on your recovery. Schedule a consultation with our legal team today and let us assess your case. We’ll let you know what next steps you need to take and will do everything we can to help you get a fair payout.