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Using Technology to Assist After Your Denver Car Accident

Mark A. Simon March 18, 2020

The aftermath of a Denver auto accident can be hectic, but you have to be sure that everything is documented correctly for a smooth insurance claim. Chances are that you already have the best tool available at your fingertips: your smartphone. Mark A. Simon, attorney at law, is here to give you advice for the future. It doesn't matter what kind of cellphone you have, as long as you have a smartphone with you, it is really the only tool that you need.

After a Denver auto accident your car may be a mess, whether you cannot access your insurance information due to the wreck or the contents of your car are in disarray from impact. You have a camera, voice recorder, video recorder, notepad, telephone, and more all contained within your smartphone. Be sure to take photographs of the accident scene:

  • Take photographs of the debris on the road and to include multiple angles that show where the debris is in relation to the cars.

  • Take photos of any damage to your vehicle as well as of the other vehicle's damage with identifiable landmarks in the background.

  • Be sure to include photographs with varying degrees of zoom and varying shots that include single cars and both cars involved.

  • You may even take a videotape of the entire scene which will help if an accident reconstruction needs to be done.

When you need to get the other peoples' information after the accident, you don't need to write anything down, simply use your smartphone to record the interaction. When you start recording, you must identify the date and time and state, "I'm unable to write this information down as I do not have a pen and paper. Are you okay if I record our conversation? You can read the information as I have my smartphone recording. Can you please read me your insurance and license information?" You can also ask them questions in regards to the accident, such as, "Do you think you were at fault for the accident? Do you think that I did anything wrong?"

It's crucial to ask these questions as the answers will greatly influence the outcome of your auto accident claim. In the moments following an accident, many people will tell you exactly what happened, but once they have spoken to the insurance company or even their lawyer, people start to rethink the scene of the accident and they may become less certain of how liable they really were.

So you’ve successfully maneuvered the car accident...but what’s next? You might be wondering if you should file a personal injury lawsuit - and we have your guide! You’ll want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit if the other driver is denying fault, or if they are disagreeing about the amount of money they feel that they should receive. A Denver personal attorney can help you determine if that’s the right move for you, but what you’ll need is:

  • Your medical bills/charts/report

  • Police report

  • Any photos you took at the accident

  • The damage report on your car

This is just a few of the things you need, but your Denver personal injury attorney can give you a full list. Ultimately, you’ll end up speaking to an adjuster as well to help support your personal injury case. We recommend you approach this knowing you’ll need to convince the adjuster it was the other driver’s fault, and that the bills incurred from the accident were substantial and there was additional pain/discomfort.

It may be too late for the Denver auto accident you were already in, but in case of a future event or to share with your friends and family, you have invaluable information on how to document the aftermath of your auto accident to benefit you. Your smartphone is the perfect tool for the scene of accident. It's also the best time to contact Mark A. Simon, attorney at law. Auto accidents can be incredibly difficult for the injured victim to handle. Mark A. Simon works personally with his clients to provide them with council they can rely on for the results that they need.