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Understanding Product Liability Cases from Your Denver Personal Injury Attorney

Mark A. Simon March 29, 2017

Have you ever become ill or injured because of a product you were using or consuming? When a product causes issues, you may have a product liability case. It is best to understand your rights when it comes to complications due to the products you are using. Learn what product liability cases are, top ways fault is proven and popular cases you may have heard about from your local Denver personal injury attorney.

What Are Product Liability Cases?

When a manufacturer or company sells a product that is defective therefore becoming a danger to any consumer that purchases, this can lead to a product liability case. This can range in a variety of ways from manufacturing or designing a defective product to potential negligence as it was put together that can lead to an injury or illness from the consumer. According to, product liability can include faulty autobrakes, contaminated baby food, exploding bottles of beer, flammable children’s pajamas or lack of label warnings. Learn more about product liability here.

Proving Fault

First, one of the main ways a company or manufacturer could potentially be sued due to a product liability issue is if the product was sold in a marketplace. Next, during the manufacturing process, the case will lie with where the error occurred. For instance, the manufacturer could have had perfectly fine parts but then the way it was put together could have had an issue leading to it to be defective. However, the manufacturer could have had a defect arise in how the product was designed, made or marketed. If there wasn’t, there could be an issue with the wholesale distributor or the actual store that led the product to be defective. Depending where in the process the issue occurred is where potential fault will lie. If you as a consumer were not made aware of such defects, you may have a case on your hand. Ultimately it is best to talk to a premier lawyer and discuss the issue. They will use their expertise to help you get the justice you deserve.

Popular Product Liability Cases

To help you get a better understanding of product liability cases, there are many popular and memorable ones that have occurred over the last few decades. One of the first was from General Motors. During the manufacturing process, there were several models of their cars that had ignition switch errors that led to the cars shutting off, issues with power steering or brakes and more. This lead to many deaths and injuries. One of the most famous product liability cases to date is the McDonald’s hot coffee case. A woman accidentally spilled her fresh cup of coffee on herself resulting in third degree burns. Since the cup did not specify that the coffee was hot, she was able to win her settlement. Today, this is the reason the cups now have the disclaimer that the beverages are hot.

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