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Tips to Make Your Road Trips Safe from Your Denver Auto Accident Attorney

Mark A. Simon Jan. 23, 2017

Road trips are a great way to travel and spend time with family. On the flip side, more time in the car can become uncomfortable and make it easier for the driver to let down their guard. With flight prices skyrocketing, millions take to the roads each year for travel. Be sure you prepare for your upcoming travels to make them the best and safest possible with these tips from your local Denver auto accident attorney.

Preparing for Your Trip

When preparing for your road trip, it is important to have a kit of essentials in case of emergency. First, include a first-aid kit with common items from bandages and ointment to gauze and medicine. Next, you will also want to create a car kit with essentials in case you become stranded on the road. This can include fully charged power banks for cell phones and other devices, road flares, blankets, reflective triangles, snow and ice scraper, jumper cables, backup battery, flashlight, gas can, water and snacks. Prior to hitting the roads, it is important to know your route. GPS makes it easy to travel, but look at the route in advance. Take into consideration weather conditions and problems that may arise on your travels.

Keeping Attentive

The longer your travels are, the quality of your attention can diminish. It is important to remain attentive throughout your drive, whether it is five hours or 15. Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat a good meal in the days leading up to your trip. During your drive, create a plan with everyone in the car that keeps them comfortable and providing the driver with less distractions. When trying to keep attentive, listening to talk radio or podcasts can help keep you engaged. If you find yourself starting to get too comfortable, take a break. Stop and grab a snack, drink water or a caffeinated beverage. If you are unable to stop, readjust to make sure you are in the proper position. Also, opening the windows can help. If you become drowsy at any point, stop the car, switch with another person to drive or take a break if you are alone.

Car Safety

While on the roads, it is crucial to make sure the car you are driving is in premier shape. First, make sure all essential fluids are full such as the oil and windshield fluid. It is also important to leave with a full tank of gas and never let it get too low during your travels in the event of an accident and you need to keep your car on. Next, check the tire pressure. If the tires are low, be sure to fill them up prior to leaving. Another great thing to do according to Consumer Report’s “Road Trip Prep: 10 Things to Check Before You Hit the Road,” is to have a car check-up prior to leaving. This will ensure your car is in top shape for your travels.During your travels, make sure you learn the common traffic hazards and how to avoid an auto accident in Denver. If you are in an accident, the go-to law office of Mark A. Simon can help. Contact Mark A. Simon to get started on your case.