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The Pokémon GO Craze and Dangers to Be Aware of your Denver Personal Injury Attorney

Mark A. Simon Aug. 24, 2016

At the beginning of July 2016, the Pokémon GO craze took over. Within just about one month after it kicked off, it generated over $250 million in sales and drew in almost 10 million users! To play, the app uses an augmented reality for these millions of players. They explore everyday areas in real-time through their smartphone to find Pokémon. Overall, the app in many ways has improved the quality of health for users. Why? It has inspired players to get off the couch and get walking. However, it definitely has caused some strange events. Learn about legality issues that have arose because of Pokémon GO and the best ways to stay safe while playing from your local Denver personal injury attorney.

  1. Trespassing: One of the top legal battles after Pokémon GO launched has been trespassing. Players have gone above and beyond to the depths of the woods to public places to catch Pokémon. While this is great, many cross into private property. Even though intentions are positive for the sake of the game, Polygon’s article “How Pokémon GO could land you in court, but not protect you from it,” some players have scaled walls or broken into off-limit areas of museums to catch Pokémon. Some property owners let it go, but others have pressed charges. Polygon explains that the act of trespassing will be the fault of the player. The extent of the trespassing will determine the charges. All in all, trespassing is wrong.

  2. Personal Injury: Unfortunately when you do not quite pay attention to where you are walking, you can get injured. Players all over are walking around cities, neighborhoods and beyond looking at their phone. The lack of attention while playing has caused many people to trip and fall. Now, if a public property does not maintain their land and a player falls and is hurt, that can fall on the employers responsibility. Otherwise, players do not have much of a say. End takeaway here is to always watch where you are going if playing Pokémon GO.

  3. Dangers: If you choose to play Pokémon GO, be safe. Many individuals have been lured to various areas then robbed while playing the game. It has happened at all times a day, especially at night. While easier to play at night with less people to compete with, you might be the go-to victim while walking around at not paying attention to surroundings. Sadly, people that have been in the wrong place have been shot and injured while playing. Also, many play with the app while driving. Ultimately, just be careful and responsible.

As you continue to have fun playing Pokémon GO—just stay safe. Keep in mind that trespassing is illegal and you can easier get hurt while not paying attention to your surroundings. If you do have any questions, the premier go-to Denver personal injury attorney Mark A Simon can help. From injuries to auto accidents we are on your side. If you have been injured, call us to discuss your rights.