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Reasons You May Need a Lawyer for Your Auto Injury

Mark A. Simon July 4, 2018

In a perfect world, after sustaining injuries in an accident that was not your fault, your insurance will take care of you. However, this is not always the case. You may be dealing with a headache due to your accident while simultaneously be dealing with a headache due to insurance. If you find yourself having a hard time getting the insurance company to cover your medical claims, or feel you have been wronged, it is time to consider speaking with a premier attorney to review your auto injury case. Not only will they help you as you handle your issues, but they can fight for you to help you get back to your normal quality of life.

Leading Causes of Accidents in Colorado

There are more than 50 million car accidents on American roads each year. Sadly, this means that there are several thousands of fatalities, as well as millions of injuries. In Colorado, it is important to stay focused while driving, especially while on the state’s steep, winding roads. Some of the leading causes of accidents in Colorado include:

  • High speeds: Those who do not follow posted speed limits face life-changing consequences to both them and those they share the road with. Often times there are tight curves to go around or stretches that require lower speeds. Just as important—many drivers do not drive three seconds behind the person in front of them. This can lead to getting rear-ended more easily.

  • Texting and distractions: Both teens and adults are guilty of texting or distracted driving. Everything can change in just one second. Also, in one second, a driver can flip through radio stations, or try to start their GPS as they try to determine the best way to get to their destination. In other cases, a cell phone may ring, or a person might be trying to scarf down a meal on their way to work or an event. When driving, one’s focus needs to be at 100 percent, using techniques from the DMV’s defensive driving 101.

  • Under the influence: Just one drink can lead to a person crashing into someone else. This goes the same for drugs. As a driver, not only should you know your limits, but you should know that driving after any consumption of drugs or alcohol is never okay. Not only does it endanger you and those in your vehicle, but others out on the road. In Colorado, a DWAI charge can occur if a person has a 0.05 blood alcohol content rating in their system. For marijuana, it is five nanograms of THC. However, just because you are under these limits does not mean you are safe to drive. Avoid it at all costs.

Most Common Types of Injuries

When in an accident, many things can happen. It is very common for a person to endure cuts to the body because of objects projected out of their position. This also includes glass. For instance, there may be toys in a backseat, or a cell phone or other mounted items in the front. Depending on the rate of speed you were going, they can hit you at a force that leads to bruising or piercing of the skin. Also, various parts of your body may hit parts of the car also leading to cuts. This also accounts for the shattering of glass windows and windshields.The head is one of the most common places that sustain injuries after an accident. During and after an unexpected impact with another car, a person’s head can move quickly in a way that is not normal. Injuries can be even worse if you know the accident is coming and you tense up. This can cause problems in the neck too—especially whiplash. If a person hits their head on any part of the car, it can lead to a concussion as well. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you sustained a concussion, so it is important to see one even if you feel the accident was minor.The limbs are also susceptible to extensive injuries after an accident. You may break an arm or leg holding yourself in a position to brace the impact. Or, the impact can be so hard-hitting that an arm or leg is scraped or broken. Depending on the force and motions it caused you to have, you can experience a variety of strains and sprains from a wreck.

Hospital Bills

Upon going to a hospital after a car accident, the bills will come in the mail down the road. It is crucial to keep every single document that you receive. When working with your insurance, they will request to have the bills submitted. It is a best practice for you to make copies of every document prior to sending out any originals.After visiting a hospital after an accident, the bills will come shortly after. You may have bills for each different area, or other areas, such as a bill for being checked out, a bill covering time assistants provided care or assistance, ambulance ride, labs, testing, and more. It may all seem confusing, especially when your insurance is not covering what they should.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you have been in an accident, and are experiencing issues having your medical covered, getting a lawyer may be your best option. Hospital bills can be thousands of dollars—or more. When you are trying to treat your injuries and get back into premier health, it is frustrating to feel punished for something that was not your fault. This also applies when you feel your settlement for your vehicle is not far either. When you work with a top, local lawyer, they will work hard to get your medical bills paid and a fair amount for your car.

Have you been in an auto accident in Denver? Know the laws and steps to take. Next, make sure you keep go-to Denver attorney Mark A. Simon in your phone, so you can call about any problems you have in the days after the accident. Within a few weeks to a month, you will begin to see any warning signs that your insurance company will not fairly treat your claim. Call to discuss your claim and see what options to have to settle your case.