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Multiple Jobs and Worker’s Compensation in Denver

Mark A. Simon Dec. 18, 2015

With today’s still recovering economy, it isn’t unusual for many Americans to have more than one job. Family needs, out-of-control debt, or just wanting to improve your situation, there are millions of citizens working more than one job. Also, with so many employers only hiring part-time workers to avoid paying for health insurance and saving money wherever they can, many people need more than one avenue for income. Working during holiday seasons and in possibly unsafe working conditions can lead to injury at the fault of the company. What many of these workers never consider is what happens when you have multiple jobs and are injured at one of them.

You are entitled to the benefits of worker’s compensation from whichever insurance coverage the job where you got hurt carries. But, what happens when the money received from your worker’s compensation from the one job is not enough to sufficiently cover you and the loss of income from both of your jobs? If you aren’t able to physically be there for your second job, how can you keep up? This is what qualified and experienced worker’s compensation attorneys like Mark A. Simon are here for. We are here to help make sure you get every penny of what is owed to you for being injured on the job. Follow the sound advice of the experts and make sure to:

  1. For your part, it is of the utmost importance when you are injured to immediately inform the insurance company responsible for your worker’s compensation claim that you have another job. It’s possible the insurance company will want you to provide them with pay stubs from your other job. If you aren’t able to keep working at your other job due to the injury, they will have to add the other wage to your weekly wage. Because they are not likely the insurance carrier for your second job, bank on it being much more difficult to get them to pay.

  2. When it comes to paying out a worker’s compensation claim, your ‘average weekly wage’ is in reference to ALL your weekly wages, not only from the job place where you were injured. It is paramount to get this correct form the start because a lower average weekly wage than you expect will affect your temporary and permanent disability. You may have to go to a hearing in order to get it changed if it was not done correctly. If you have to do this, then you’re going to want an experienced attorney like Mark A. Simon to ensure your interests are held above those of the insurance company or your employer.

With Mark A. Simon, Attorney at Law, you get 25 years of dedicated legal experience for those who have suffered injuries at work, only to have the employer’s insurance company try to keep you from the money you deserve. It was their fault you were injured; you don’t have to wait for them. Call us today to find out what we can do for you and your claim.