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Motorcycle Awareness and Your Denver Auto Accident Attorney

Mark A. Simon June 29, 2016

Whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, it is important to always be conscious of those riding and make the roads safer for everyone to avoid an auto accident in Denver.

Alarming Stats: The unfortunate reason we have to bring awareness to sharing the road with over 8.4 million motorcyclists are the amount of accidents that happen each year. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 4,586 motorcycle accident casualties in 2014, which was down 2.3 percent from the prior year. While that decrease is positive, injuries rose 4.5 percent with 92,000 injured.

  1. Safety for Motorcyclists: One of the simplest ways motorcyclists can practice safety methods are to wear a helmet and quality riding jacket. The helmet will not only protect your head in the event of an accident, but anything else that can fly into your face as you are riding. When riding, always strive to be visible to the cars around you and never cruise in their blind spot. Also use caution in bad weather when roads can be slippery. Attend a motorcycle safety course to help you learn all of the different elements and

  2. Common Accidents: One of the top and most common accidents Ride Apart says is when cars turn left in front of you. This can happen when the driver is distracted or perhaps you are in their blind spot. Other common accidents include hitting gravel, going around turns too fast, cars switching lanes into motorcycles, getting rear ended, being in a crowd of motorcyclists that are not paying attention, locking the front brakes, car doors opening into motorcyclists, drunk drivers and slippery weather conditions.

  3. Awareness Tips for Vehicles: Those driving cars should always be on the lookout for motorcycles. While it can always be hard to see out of blind spots, this is why it is good to check over your shoulder before switching lanes or turning. When driving behind a motorcycle, be sure to leave plenty of distance in between the two of you and make sure to always use your turn signal. Most of all, just always be conscious that they are on the road. Often times after an accident occurs, drivers explain they did not even realize there was a motorcycle around them. One of the best and most common sayings is to look twice for a motorcyclist. This will help keep the roads safer for everyone.

If you are in a motorcycle accident, the premier services of Mark A. Simon will help you get the money you deserve. We are your local go-to law office with years of experience with motorcyclists. Mr. Simon will present constructive avenues as your Denver auto accident attorney to get you the care and money you deserve—especially since motorcycle accidents are often severe. This Motorcycle Awareness Month, whether you are a rider yourself or just have a car, it is best to educate yourself. And if you find yourself in an auto accident in Denver, learn about Mark’s services and give us a call today to get started.