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Know Your Rights for Workers’ Compensation in Denver

Mark A. Simon June 6, 2018

As an employee, it is important to know your rights. Many do not understand the ins and outs of workers’ compensation in Denver, making it difficult in the event of an accident. It is best to be informed by learning your local company policies. When you have serious you can utilize the services of a premier attorney. In addition, being prepared and knowing your rights in the matter is key.

Basics About Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation is essentially insurance an employer has for their employees. In the event of an accident or illness, an employee can seek proper medical care. This care is provided by a designated provider by the employer’s plan. Not only do employees receive the medical care they need, but also funds to help them if they are unable to work for a period of time. This can be for both short- or long-term problems. However, there is a process where the workers’ compensation claim undergoes a review. In some cases, the claim may be partially handled. It can also be denied.

Laws in Colorado

Colorado established the Workers’ Compensation Act more than 100 years ago. According to the state’s statue, rules and guidance, the law says the Act will ensure an injured or sick worker will receive quick assistance and care—all at an affordable cost to the employer. So, who has to have workers’ compensation? State law mandates all private and public must have workers’ compensation insurance for both full- and part-time employees. While there are some exceptions, they say most must include it—and the cost must not come out of the paychecks of employees. Each employer must choose a designated medical provider that employees must use. They also must inform an insurance company within 10 days of an employee’s accident. It is completed through the Employer’s First Report of Injury form which shares information about what happened with the insurer.

Worker Tasks and Responsibilities

By law, as an injured worker or one that sustains an illness must give a written report to their employer within four days. If you are injured to the point you are unable to complete the report, someone can do it on your behalf. In addition, your employer must submit that claim insurance. If you’re off the job for at least three days (or three shifts), insurance must review your claim within 20 days of the filing from your employer. Once approved, you will receive payments on a bi-weekly basis. If your employer does not complete and submit their report, or have workers’ compensation insurance, you can file a claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, do not lose hope. The office of Mark A. Simon, attorney at law has you covered. As your top, go-to Denver workers’ compensation attorney, he has the knowledge and expertise to help you fight for your claim. Call today to discuss your personal situation today. He will give you the quality attention you deserve to move through your case.