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How to Start Your Workers Compensation Claim from Your Denver Workers Compensation Attorney

Mark A. Simon Nov. 14, 2018

Getting hurt on the job is not a pleasant experience, to put it bluntly. However, you don’t need to feel like you’ll be completed devastated financially and without any recourse, as the workers compensation system is put in place to insure workers are protected against such situations. If you’ve recently been injured on the job and are wondering what the first steps you need to take towards a workers compensation claim are, here are the first things you need to do to get the ball rolling from your Denver workers compensation attorney.

Seek Medical Attention

Of course, the most obvious step above all else is to seek medical attention. This won’t be an issue if it’s a medical emergency, as you’ll likely head straight to the emergency room or urgent care to receive treatment. However, if you’ve injured yourself but the injury isn’t pressing, such as a mild leg or back injury, it’s important to head to the doctor to receive treatment as soon as you can.

This isn’t just for your health, although that’s clearly important, it also indicates that your injury is severe enough to warrant filing a claim. You may be required by your employer to see a specific doctor, so it’s a good idea to ask your employer if this is necessary. Many states allow employees to seek a second medical opinion if they feel the first doctor didn’t adequately diagnosis their condition.

Notify Your Employer

One of the most important steps in the workers compensation claims process is to notify your employer that you have been injured on the job. Most jurisdictions require employees to notify their workplace within 30-45 days of an incident. If you do not notify your employer within this time period, the chances of filing a successful claim are dramatically reduced. The exception to this rule is when an employer should have been already aware of such an injury occurring, such as when you are hurt and require immediate medical attention and a manager is responsible for helping out.

Tell the Truth

Throughout the entire workers compensation process, it’s critical for an employee to be as honest and truthful as possible. Perjuring yourself during the investigation process is a surefire way to have your claim thrown out, leading to the unfortunate situation where you are out in the cold. You may also face legal action as a result of lying during this process. If you are not sure about what you should tell investigators, always consult with a qualified workers compensation attorney who can help you through this situation.

Mark A. Simon is someone who will fight tirelessly for your rights and ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement for each individual case. He will begin the investigation process immediately, ensuring you receive the best representation possible. If you are in the Denver metro area and require legal help or assistance, contact him to discuss your legal options during a free consultation.