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How to Avoid Auto Accidents in Denver This Holiday Season

Mark A. Simon Dec. 12, 2018

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, especially on the road. When you’re driving, it’s important to be especially careful this time of the year to prevent auto accidents in Denver. Although you may never think you could be another statistic, you’d be surprised how many drivers lose their lives during the holiday season by driving too fast, drinking while driving or refusing to buckle their seatbelts. Below, are a few tips you can begin using today to avoid serious auto accidents in Denver during the upcoming holidays.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

What better way to make sure you stay safe on the road than to keep your vehicle maintained? Although no one enjoys spending money on a tuneup or annual inspection, it’s necessary to prevent small repairs in your car, truck, or van from becoming worse. Plus, the last thing you want to do is pay for costly maintenance during the holiday season, that’s money you could be spending on your loved ones. Before heading out on the road this winter, make sure you visit your local mechanic to have your vehicle inspected and ensure there aren’t any issues that could impair your driving.

Always Buckle Up

Before starting your vehicle, the first thing you want to do is buckle up. It may not seem “cool,” but it could very well save your life. Plus, your seatbelt is there for a reason. As soon as you close your car door, but before you place your hands on the steering wheel, you should hear the click of the seat belt. Driving without a seatbelt contributes to hundreds of thousands of deaths every year, put your family first this holiday season and make sure you’re properly buckled before heading out on the road. It takes seconds to do and can save the lives of yourself, as well as everyone in your vehicle. That’s right; you should also make sure every passenger is buckled in your vehicle too.

Keep Your Kids Buckled Safely

You should never let your kids ride in your car without having them buckled in. Although they may see you as the “cool parent” if you drive them without having them buckle up, you’re only putting them and yourself in serious danger. If your child uses a booster seat, you should also make sure it’s properly secured, and your child is buckled into it every time you drive them. Remember, as your child grows you might have to purchase new booster seats dependent on their age, height, and weight. Even if your kids don’t use booster seats, before leaving the driveway, you should ensure their seatbelts are securing them in the vehicle.

Don’t Drink and Drive

In case you haven’t seen the dozens of advertisements for preventing adults and teens from drinking and driving, you can hear it here as well. If you’re planning on driving anywhere this winter, but have been drinking, you should not be behind the wheel. Plus, you have plenty of other options for getting home, such as rideshare services, asking a friend for a ride home, or simply not drinking when you know you have to be on the road. Don’t selfishly put yourself first and get buzzed before placing yourself behind the wheel. It may seem like overkill to keep hearing about the many dangers of drinking and driving, but you don’t want to make yourself a statistic this holiday season. Keep your family in mind and put the drink down if you’re planning on driving.

Have a Clear Head While Driving

It’s essential you’re always driving with a clear head, especially in the winter time. If you’re feeling unfocused, tired, angry, or upset, you should (if you’re driving) pull over to the side of the road and meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind. But what’s the reason for not driving with an an unclear head? If you’re driving angry or upset, it’s easier for you to cause an auto accident in Denver due to not being focused on what you’re doing. It’s not to say you can’t drive with any emotion, but if you feel like you’re a danger to other drivers on the road because you’re feeling upset, you should simply pull over to the side of the road until you feel a little calmer and have a clearer mindset.

Get Rid of Distractions

There can be a lot of distractions in your car that can cause you to crash into another vehicle, such as your phone, friends talking to you, or a pet you have with you. It’s incredibly important that you limit the amount of distraction in your vehicle while driving, especially during the winter holiday season. Although this can be hard to do, some are easier than others, such as silencing your phone or leaving your pets at home. Even if you may want to use your smartphone for directions, there’s a difference between using a purposeful device and having it distract you while driving, such as texting or calling your friends or family.

Avoid Driving in Hazardous Weather

You really never want to be driving in hazardous winter weather, such as hail storms, blizzards, or torrential downpouring rain. Although severe weather can be hard to avoid, especially if you have to drive to work, if there’s a severe storm, commute instead. The reason for this is due to the rise in accidents when hazardous weather occurs. Plus, your family will feel a lot less worried about you driving in a severe storm. There are so many ways you can avoid auto accidents in Denver this holiday season. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t still happen. This winter, make sure you stay safe on the road with the tips above. However, if you do get into an accident, make sure to call Mark A. Simon, attorney at law, for legal help with creating your auto accident claim. After all, not every auto accident can be avoided, no matter how safe you are on the road.