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Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Winter Safety Tips for Businesses

Mark A. Simon Dec. 7, 2016

During the winter, snow and ice can be dangerous. It can be especially in the workplace. Customers and employees can fall resulting in a call to a local Denver workers’ compensation attorney. It is best to keep everything safe as we move into the colder months. Learn ways to keep your workplace safe this winter and other areas to think about.

Clear Walkways and Parking Lots

When the snow hits, it is best to make sure your parking lot and walkways are cleared and salted. Not only do you have to clear it for employees and coworkers, but it is the law to clear it for customers too. Denver state law says businesses must have any snow and ice cleared from sidewalks, pathways and parking lots within four hours. It is also important for those clearing the snow and ice to be safe. If using a shovel, employees should be dressed appropriate for the weather to combat cold. According to Denver Health’s Snow Removal Safety, it is best to warm up just as you would pre-workout. They also advise employees pace themselves and stay hydrated. When lifting snow, squat and lift with legs (not your back) and do not overload the shovel.

Interior Areas

As employees walk in and out from outside, they may be tracking in snow and ice. This leads to wet floors which can cause a safety hazard for non-carpet flooring. First, if you have areas like this, place “wet floor” signs in the area to draw caution to anything brought in. Next, make sure there is someone available to monitor the area and mop up large amounts of water. You can also purchase high quality mats to put in entry ways for employees to wipe their feet upon arrival.

Keep Receiving Areas Safe

It is crucial to make sure receiving areas stay safe. Upon a snowstorm or related weather event, make sure the area is cleared for employees and delivery drivers bringing in goods. Put salt down to help prevent slips and falls. You can also add mats to help build traction for those loading and unloading. Another go-to that will help avoid slips and falls are skid-resistant shoes. This will help employees gain traction as they work in the outdoor area. If there is an overhang in the receiving area, employees may want to wear a hard hat to protect them from snow and ice falling. It is important to keep these areas as clear as possible to maintain the safety of employees and businesses coming into your area.

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