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Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Shares Top Workplace Winter Accidents to Avoid

Mark A. Simon Oct. 31, 2018

Winter is a beautiful time in Denver. With an increase in snow, it can lead to a spike in workplace accidents. The best thing an employer can do is spread awareness and educate their employees. Informed employees will promote safety! Explore this list of some of the top winter workplace accidents explained by your local Denver workers’ compensation attorney.

Outdoor Ice Slips, Trips, and Falls

The winter brings several icy and wet conditions to be aware of. Outside, sidewalks, parking lots, and walkways can be filled with snow and ice. Be proactive and have a team that is trained to salt sidewalks. Once the snow falls, legally you must have it cleared within four hours; however, the sooner the better.

Slippery Entrances and Exits

With employees and customers walking in and out, all of that excess water is tracked in. This can create hazardous conditions in places with heavy traffic, which is one of the top ways people get hurt. One of the ways you can reduce injuries is with anti-slip floor mats. Explore a variety of types of floor mats that are beneficial for your business. Invest in a quality anti-flip floor mat for your entrances and exits.

Strains from Outdoor Maintenance

For your reliable team that keeps areas clean during a snow or ice event, it is important they know proper form. From lifting to posture, when repetitive actions are done improperly, it can lead to injury and a workers’ compensation claim. Before winter, have a training and reminder session on properly shoveling snow, bending and lifting, and all other tasks that can potentially lead to an injury.

Auto Accidents with Work Vehicles

Does your business have a work vehicle? Or does your workplace center around people driving and commuting throughout the day? Roads can be hazardous during the winter. And even when your employees are responsible, you cannot always count on those around you on the roads. Ensure employees that are on the roads during wintery conditions are responsible. It begins with clearing off all windows for a full range of visibility. In the event of an emergency, be proactive with at least a half tank of gas and an emergency kit with blankets, water, road flares, a safety cone, and more. Drivers should leave plenty of space between them and those in front of them, breaking earlier than usual to account for black ice.


For workers that spend a majority of time outdoors, winter can be a challenge. Seasoned workers may know the ropes, but the weeks leading into winter weather is a great time for a refresher. Hypothermia can occur when there is a quick loss of heat and the body cannot catch up quick enough. In addition to shivers, those experiencing hypothermia may become drowsy, have slurred speech, experience memory loss or confusion, and turn bright red. A common misconception is to warm a person up too quickly. Help the person get warm, but not overly warm—and call 911 or go to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Whether you are a manager, business owner, or employee, make sure you take appropriate steps to avoid workplace injuries. For help managing claims, Mark A. Simon is your premier Denver workers’ compensation attorney. Contact the office for go-to answers to any of your workers’ compensation questions.