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Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Explains the Most Common Workplace Injuries

Mark A. Simon June 21, 2017

Thousands of people are killed in the workplace every year, and millions more suffer serious injuries that require emergency medical treatment. Although some fields of work are more dangerous than others, it’s important to remember that workplace injuries can happen to anyone at any time. According to Mark A. Simon, a Denver workers’ compensation attorney, these are the most common workplace injuries:

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are much less obvious than other injuries because they slowly set in over time. But, just because they are not obvious does not mean that these are minor injuries. Repetitive motion injuries caused by typing or using the same equipment for prolonged periods of time can be incredibly painful and make it difficult for workers to do their jobs. Learn more about the harmful effects of a repetitive motion injury.

Traffic Accidents

Employees who have to travel by car are at risk of getting into traffic accidents. If the accident occurs while the employee is performing the duties of his or her job, then the employee’s injuries are considered workplace injuries.

Machine Entanglement

Employees who work in factories with heavy equipment and machinery are at risk of sustaining machine entanglement injuries. This type of injury occurs when an employee accidentally gets his clothing, jewelry, hair, or even a body part caught in a machine. Depending on the type of machine, this could lead to serious, long-term injuries. It’s important that employers take the time to properly train employees on safety measures that will prevent these injuries from occurring.

Overexertion Injuries

The most common type of injury that occurs in the workplace is an overexertion injury, which occurs when an employee lifts, carries, pulls, pushes, or holds something that is too heavy. It can also occur when an employee uses the wrong technique to handle these heavy items. For example, employees can sustain overexertion injuries if they choose to use their backs instead of their legs to lift a heavy box.

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can occur in any type of workplace. These accidents typically happen when an employee slips on a wet floor or trips over an object that is in the employee’s path.

Falling Objects

Employees can also be injured by falling objects such as books or tools. If an employee is hit by a falling object, it’s very likely that he could suffer a head injury, which could require extensive treatment. Employers should do everything in their power to prevent these devastating injuries by clearly labeling areas where debris may fall. This way, employees know to steer clear of these areas or to be more aware of their surroundings if they have to walk through them.

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