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Common Workplace Distractions that Lead to a Workers Compensation in Denver Claims

Mark A. Simon Feb. 15, 2017

When working, there are times we aren’t paying attention that a task doesn’t get the proper care it needs. In certain work environments, this can lead to an accident causing you to have to file a workers’ compensation claim. From clutter and music to a foggy brain, be wary of some of these top distractions that can be found in the workplace.

Clutter and Improper Equipment

When an area is unkempt or cluttered, it can become very hazardous for those who have to frequent the area. This could include extra boxes or materials just laying out in the way to be tripped over or ran into. Another thing to consider, especially in office settings, are wires. If wires are not tucked away, they too can become a tripping hazard for those in an area. Make sure that there aren’t any broken or protruding elements on cubicles, workstations or machinery that could easily be ran into causing injury. To combat this, create a cleaning schedule for your department to regularly check and clean up messes. By having it as a task to do during the workday, you will lower the risk of clutter or messes piling up and causing a hazard to others.

Electronic Device Distractions

One of the most common ways that people may have an accident is due to a distraction from an electronic device. Many walk around while looking at a device. This can lead to running into people, walls, objects, etc. It’s such a popular accident that it even has a name: Distracted walking. According to Healthline’s “Texting While Walking More Common, More Dangerous,” you are over 60 percent more likely to run into something or have an accident while trying to navigate around on your phone. They add that 78 percent of adults find this to be a serious issue. The easiest way to combat this is simple. If you use your phone, make sure you are in a secure location while standing or sitting still. Avoid trying to multitask and use an electronic device while on the job, especially if operating heavy machinery. It can also reduce the quality of your work, so it is best to stay off during the workday.

Music and Mindlessness

Another way employees get into accidents at work are due to mindlessness. It is often not intentional but is easy to drift off in thought or get lost in music. For some, it is also very easy to get distracted and lose course of a task. Make note to keep checking in on yourself so you are not dozing off in thought leading you to injure yourself. If you do find you are injured on the job, when applying for workers’ compensation in denver, avoid these mistakes. You can also call your local go-to lawyer, Mark A. Simon for help. Mark will provide you premier service to help you get the attention you deserve for your claim. Contact Mark A. Simon today to get started on your case or to ask any questions about personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.