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Common Car Accident Types of Personal Injury in Denver Cases

Mark A. Simon Jan. 30, 2017

Falling victim to a car crash is frightening. Not only is your car damaged, in some cases so severe to the point its quality cannot be restored, but you become injured yourself. For certain crashes, you may feel fine but signs of injury begin to show after a few days. Therefore, it is always important to see your doctor immediately if you are not taken to a hospital after a car accident. From head and neck injuries to chest, legs and feet, learn about some of the top types of personal injury in Denver cases that stem from an auto accident.

Whiplash and Other Head Issues

When in a car accident, depending on the extent of the impact, your head could potentially move backward and forwards. When this happens with great force, the muscles in your neck can become damaged and can be very painful. This is one of the most common injuries that people dismiss if they do not seek care right away and usually shows signs a few days post-crash. It is best to seek medical help as soon as possible. Common signs include pain in the neck area, distorted vision, dizziness and headaches. When one’s head is hit during impact, there can be issues with the brain. A person can be knocked upon impact, have temporary amnesia or get a concussion.

Chest Injuries

While your seatbelt will help save you during a car crash, as you try to move forward with the force of a crash and it tries to hold you in, there could be some issues. Some victims of car accidents can lead to cuts or bruises, depending on the impact. For those who wear their seat belts improperly, it will not properly have kept you secured and could lead to broken bones. One of the common types of chest injuries from a crash are cracked ribs or even a sternum fracture. In some cases, those in a crash may also have a lung collapse. In Healthline’s “Collapse of the Lung (Pneumothorax),”they explain this happens when air the normally circulates around your lung escapes into the area between your lung and chest wall. A build-up in pressure occurs, followed by the lung collapsing. Sometimes it is only certain parts of a lung while others, it is the entire lung. They add the patient will have trouble breathing and chest pain.

Legs and Feet

Broken bones are some of the most common types of leg and foot injuries that occur after a car accident. Depending on the impact of the crash, knee injuries such as bursitis or a torn ACL may occur. When these injuries occur, victims may hear a popping noise, see immediate swelling, experience excruciating pain and have the inability to put any pressure on the area or move it in the normal range of motion.One of the go-to ways to prevent an accident is avoid common traffic hazards and learning how to avoid an auto accident in Denver. If you fall victim to a car accident, the premier local law office of Mark A. Simon can help. Call 303-321-HURT to discuss your case and get a free consultation today.