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Back to School Safety and Personal Injury Denver Tips

Mark A. Simon Sept. 7, 2016

It’s that time of year again: Back to school! Students are hitting the books and spending much time between school, home and sports. The transition back to school is a great time to be aware of the change in routine that picks up and becomes much quicker. No matter if you are a parent, student or anyone—it is best for everyone to be prepared for the increase in students. Avoid personal injury Denver accidents and get to a safe start to the school year with these go-to tips.

  1. The Bus Stop: Drivers, busses and students need to work together to keep children safe. When driving and passing by a bus, be sure to stop if they stop and put their sign out. Do not proceed until they have turned their lights off. For students, it is important to wait at a safe distance on the street and have a route planned to walk safely to the bus. They should not walk up to the bus until they have stopped. They also should not need to rush onto the bus and avoid crowding the aisles. When exiting the bus, students should be extra cautious if having to cross the street. Students need to cross in front of the bus and walk out far enough to see the driver so the driver can help tell the student they are safe to cross.

  2. School Zones: When it comes to school zones, all drivers need to pay attention to reduced speed limits to ensure the safety of students. According to the City and County of Denver’s “Safety Zones,” traffic fines are doubled in these areas. They also explain that the reduce speed limits are typically effect at the beginning and end of the school day. Many school zones around the city have installed new speed limit signs outfitted with lighting that flashes when drivers must comply with the reduced speeds. If unsure about the school speed limits in your area contact your local police department for help. To help keep speed down, certain areas have installed photo radars that detect high speeds.

  3. Walking and Biking: Walking or biking to school are great ways to get moving throughout the day. For students that ride a bike, ensure they are always wearing a helmet and understand the basic rules of the road and hand signals. It is also beneficial for them to wear reflective gear and have their bikes outfitted with reflectors to ensure drivers see them. Read the blog “Avoiding Denver Bicycle-to-Car Accidents” to more tips on bike safety. For walkers, make sure your student knows their route they are to take every day. They should always remain on the sidewalk, stop at stop signs and look both ways before crossing the street.

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