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Safety Tips to Avoid Workplace Injuries From Your Denver Workers' Compensation Attorney

Mark A. Simon May 24, 2018

Getting injured in the workplace is never something that a person wants to happen. Not only is the possibility of this event permanently altering a person’s long-term health a daunting prospect, but it also has the ability to severely impact a person’s ability to continue working and earning the money they need to support themselves and their family. If at all possible, a person should do whatever they can to avoid this event from taking place, as it will negatively impact their livelihood in many facets. As a result, here are a number of strategies a person can implement in order to avoid workplace injuries from occurring from your local Denver workers’ compensation attorney.

Immediately and Consistently Reduce Wetness in Slippery Areas

One of the most common workplace injuries that take place are slips and falls. According to OSHA, slips and falls account for approximately 15% of all workplace deaths that occur while on the job and are extremely costly to employers and employees as a result. This fact should stress upon individuals and employers the importance of reducing dangerous and slippery conditions whenever possible. If you are in a workplace that commonly includes slippery and wet surfaces, implement a policy of consistently wiping down and drying surfaces to reduce the likelihood that you or your coworkers will become injured on the job.

If someone spills something on the ground, immediately clean it up. Even if you spot a spill that you didn’t help to create, find a towel, rag, or mop and eliminate the slippery surface as soon as possible. Creating a workplace environment where everyone looks out for everyone else will help to reduce the potential for workplace slips and falls. While this area is still slightly wet or slippery, place warning signs in the general vicinity to reduce the potential for someone to become injured from this environment.

If at all possible, it is also a good idea to include strategically placed mats and platforms throughout your workplace as a way to reduce the effects of moisture. If slips and falls are an especially common occurrence in your workplace, having employees wear protective waterproof footwear can be another additional step to take to reduce the potential for slips and falls.

Report All Unsafe Working Conditions Immediately

It is common for individuals to see something that is out of the normal or unsafe and look past it, as it is not their responsibility or job description. This aspect of human behavior can become a serious liability, one that increases the potential for workplace injuries to occur. Creating and fostering a workplace environment that encourages employees to report unsafe working conditions will dramatically reduce the likelihood that someone will become injured as a result of these factors.

Encouraging employees to consistently clean up after themselves, whether it is a spill or excessive debris in an area, will improve the overall safety conditions for the workplace. Having regular safety meetings to stress these elements will also help you and your employees consistently keep the workplace safe. Constant reminders are sometimes necessary in order to drill in the idea that workplace safety is something everyone should place a high amount of value upon.

In addition to having employees report unsafe working conditions, it is incumbent upon supervisors and people in a position of power to hold themselves accountable and to be responsive to requests to improve the overall safety of the workplace. It is a good thing to keep in mind that while this can sometimes include an additional upfront cost, in the long run it will go a long way towards dramatically reducing workplace injuries, and as a result, reduce lost workplace productivity that results from an injured workforce.

Provide Proper Lighting Within the Workplace

Improper or inadequate lighting within the workplace is another common element that can lead to workplace injuries. A poorly lit workplace environment is likely to lead to trips and falls, as employees will not be able to adequately see all obstacles within their line of sight when the lighting is poor. As a result, you can certainly expect a poorly lit workplace to have a plethora of workplace injuries, which is definitely not the desired outcome for any employer.

In regards to workplace injuries, slips and falls are second only to vehicle-related accidents as a cause of workplace fatalities, which further stresses the importance of having your workplace properly lit. Common areas where your workplace is likely to be poorly lit include stairways, parking lots, and warehouses. Consistently work with your facility manager to ensure that all elements of the workplace environment are properly lit.

Immediately Address Environmental Risks

A very common safety risk can be weather-related environmental hazards. In the winter time, the likelihood that workplace slips and falls will occur increases dramatically, as the presence of snow and ice can lead to unsafe walking conditions. If it is snowing outside, immediately have your walkways and parking lots cleared as soon as possible to reduce the possibility that one of your employees will slip and injure themselves as a result of this factor.

If possible, have someone in your workforce assigned to this task, assuming you aren’t hiring this responsibility out to a third party. Even if you do have a snow removal service, they often aren’t as responsive as you need them to be, meaning you may want to assign the task regardless of this fact.

It is important to do everything you possibly can to avoid an accident, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. In these cases, you will want someone to advocate for you every step of the workers’ compensation process. Because of this, it is important to seek out the services of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney that will fight for your rights every step of the way. Mark Simon is someone who will fight tirelessly for your rights and ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement. He will begin the investigation process immediately, ensuring you receive the best representation possible. Contact him to discuss your legal options during a free consultation.