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5 Common Accidents in the Workplace – Workers’ Comp Attorney Denver Trusts

Mark A. Simon Sept. 8, 2015

Accidents are never expected and often result in serious injury depending on the situation. Employers will always take the necessary precautions to avoid workplace injury and accidents, but inevitably, a few accidents have proven the most common. Here are five types of accidents in the workplace that contribute to new workers’ comp claims Denver experiences:

  1. Hazardous Environments: Some occupations have increased risk and exposure to harmful chemicals and agents. Depending on the job, you might be susceptible to serious risks like fire, explosives, and other chemicals and hazardous materials. It is important that the employer have very particular guidelines in place to allow for potential prevention of these types of injuries.

  2. Physical Strain and Manual Injury: While a position might require extensive physical labor like lifting very heavy items, pushing, pulling, or transporting things, but it is important to know that these positions should not push you past the point of comfort. If you feel that you might be injured due to the work that is required, you should absolutely not perform the task. You employer is responsible for managing and controlling the activities and determining what should be deemed as safe. It may require that they restructure the tasks at hand or provide assistance in other ways to complete the task.

  3. Equipment and Vehicular Injury: Risk is associated with vehicles no matter the interaction. Whether for recreation and personal use or operation under the parameters of a job, vehicles can be dangerous and cause major injury in the case of an accident. Specialized equipment often requires a specific license for use, but still will not entirely prevent something accidental from occurring.

  4. Slips and Falls: Typically, falls or slips and falls are the most common cause of work injury – and can happen in almost any work environment. Many people are injured due to a fall – and typically slips and falls happen due to water on floors, obstructions in the walking path, or other factors that most likely could have been prevented. It is important to be sure that if this does happen, you must make sure to notify your employer, as injuries will not always be apparent immediately after.

  5. Shock or Electrocution: Burns, shocks, and electrocutions typically occur in positions that deal with electricity on a regular basis. The risk and potential for that occurring is obviously heightened, but the environment should still be a safe one. Make sure you employer is following all the best practices and regulations to ensure your safety. It is important that any unsafe procedures or conditions are always reported.

Which of these cases is most likely? No matter what the position, workplace injuries can and do happen. It is important to know the procedures in order to handle your claim appropriately. The next step after you have been injured is finding a workers’ comp attorney Denver trusts. Contact Mark A. Simon today to learn about how to handle your claim and get back on track.