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4 Tips for Preserving Evidence for Personal Injury Claims

Mark A. Simon Sept. 21, 2015

In the moments following an accident, it can be difficult to remember what the protocol should be to ensure your claim can be processed as seamlessly as possible. One element that must be considered once you are able, is the evidence available that might be presented at a later time. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your personal injury claim is handled correctly, and evidence is a major element. Here are four things recommended by your Denver personal injury attorney to remember in the case of an accident:

  1. Be Mindful of Physical Evidence: Many times the deciding factor in a claim depends on the physical evidence available. Experiences and points of view on the event can be skewed or lessened depending on the party. Things like bloodied clothing can prove the effects of the accident and show that injury occurred in at least that form.

  2. Take Photo Documentation: While it might seem obvious to take photos of the actual scene of the event or accident after it occurred, it is also quite important that you document the injuries after they have been inflicted and as they progress. Bruises, lacerations, or broken bones should be monitored and immediately recorded.

  3. Keep Track of Witnesses: You have the first-hand report of the incident, but outlying factors that you might not be able to record or even know about. The witnesses surrounding the scene may have important information or elements to back up your case and provide the testimony needed to file a successful claim.

  4. Revisit the Site of the Incident: As soon as you are able to return to the scene where the incident occurred, you must do so in order to ensure you have recovered all physical evidence and documented the scene properly. Many factors may still be present, such as a broken stair or decayed area that led to your accident occurring. Be sure to simply take photos of the entire area to make sure you have the full scene to review at a later time.

Contact a trustworthy Denver personal injury attorney if you have questions about whether you might need to file a claim. Mark A. Simon works with each client personally to ensure each individual feels confident throughout the process and knows who they can rely for help. If you were involved in an accident and need legal advice, contact Mr. Simon today.