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4 Steps to Take After a Work Injury

Mark A. Simon Aug. 18, 2015

Being injured on the job can be a confusing and stressful experience. It helps to know what steps to take when this happens so you are prepared both legally and physically. Contact a Denver injury attorney to ensure you are on the proper path to get the compensation you deserve. Follow these steps in the case of a work injury:

  1. Start with medical attention: Make sure that you get medical attention immediately if it’s a life threatening situation or major injury to a limb.

  2. Make your employer aware: If the situation is not life threatening, the first step would be to notify your supervisor about the injury both verbally and in writing as soon as possible. By law, you must notify your employer in writing within four working days of an injury, even if you have told them verbally already. Always keep a copy of all documents such as your written notice. Once you have notified your employer of your injury, they should file a report of the injury with its insurance company within ten days of your injury.

  3. Know your provider: If your employer has designated a medical provider before or at the time of the injury, you are required to see that provider for medical care. If you are not directed to a medical provider, you may get treatment from a provider of choice.

  4. Seek professional advice: Workers' compensation hearings and procedures can be complicated. You have the right to see or hire an attorney at any time during your case. This is when Mark Simon comes in. He will give you legal advice, investigate your claim, help conduct your hearing, and communicate with the insurance company to ensure your best interest is the focus.

Let Mark A. Simon to handle your claim. With the knowledge and experience gained over 20 years, you can rest assured your claim is in good hands. It’s just us until we get justice – call today for a free consultation!