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4 Common Distracted Driving Habits to Avoid an Auto Accident in Denver

Mark A. Simon March 8, 2016

In today’s society, we have many distractions while on the road, not just cell phones. Each year, thousands are killed and hundreds of thousands are injured by simply being distracted while behind the wheel, or fall victim to someone else’s distractions. While a local Denver auto accident attorney can help you if you are in an accident, there are many things to be aware of when driving to keep you from becoming one of these numbers:

  1. Texting while Driving: When it comes to cell phone usage behind the wheel, texting and driving is a top culprit of accidents caused by cell phones. Looking away from the road even for just one second can put you in a different lane or lead you to hit something that you had not seen even just the second before. Each year, billions of people send text messages while driving. Many make the mistake of thinking just a few seconds to type in a word is harmless but in fact it can be just that one time that can lead to a fatal situation. According to, the average person will take at least five seconds off the road when traveling 55 mph. That is comparative to travelling the length of a football field while blindfolded! Their website has many other impactful stats to review about texting while driving.

  2. Other Cell Phone Related Tasks: Across the United States, 46 have laws against texting while driving. However, it can be hard to prove one is texting behind the wheel with the many other things people can do with their smartphone—all which can take one’s eyes off the road for the same duration as it would be to read or respond to a text. Many people try to update their maps on their phone while driving, or look down for long amounts of times to read where they might need to make a turn. Other times people may be searching for something to listen to on a music app that takes one’s eyes off the road. There is also dialing someone’s number, looking for the contact in the phone, or even scrolling through social media apps.

  3. Others in the Car: Driving with others in the vehicle, whether it is family or friends, can be distracting—even when it all feels like fun, quality time together. When children are in the car, it can be distracting if they begin crying or need something. When friends are in the car, everyone may be engaged in conversation or music that can be a distraction while the driver is not even realizing it.

  4. Eating or Drinking: Many of us eat or drink while driving. In our on-the-go society, it helps us to multi-task and many will eat a meal while on the road. It takes time though to unwrap a sandwich, pick up a beverage, etc. that can take someone’s eyes off the road for a duration of time.

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