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4 Brain Injury Symptoms: Help from Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver

Mark A. Simon Nov. 6, 2015

If you or someone you love is dealing with the effects of personal injury following an accident, there are some symptoms of brain injury you should be looking for at all times. Far too often, because the injury isn’t on the outside of the body where bruises and other obvious marks of trauma can be detected, we have to look for other signs to show us hints and symptoms. Science and technology haven’t advanced enough to give doctors the ability to check brain functionality before an accident occurred, and then compare to how you are after. They also don’t personally know you to make an accurate judgment on whether or not you’re behaving differently than usual. After suffering injuries either on the job or in a car accident, get in touch with an expert Denver personal injury attorney to address the situation and help you get needed compensation. To determine excessive injuries, look for the following signs with your senses:

  • Vision – Perhaps the most telling symptom to the person with the injury. Close to 75% of people with brain injuries develop vision problems. These include blurred vision, light sensitivity, difficulty reading, double vision, aching eyes, headaches, loss of visual field, and others. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, they could be a direct result of a brain injury. While these difficulties can be scary, the good news is most of them can be alleviated with rehabilitation. Surgery may be required in some of the more severe cases.

  • Auditory – These numbers drop below the 75% mark for symptoms. Between 48 and 74% of those who experience head trauma will experience some type of hearing loss or other auditory problems. These issues could be the result of damage to the ear canal, eardrum, or other part of the hearing system, or it could be the result of possible neurological damage from the accident or traumatic event. Depending on the prognosis, the treatment for auditory problems can vary greatly.

  • Taste and Smell – Neurological damage as the result of a traumatic brain injury can manifest itself in very strange and unexpected ways. The most bizarre of which can be the senses of taste and smell being increased, decreased, or behaving in unexpected ways. Some people can completely lose the ability to smell or taste anything at all; others report a mere increase or decrease in the ability. Some find they can smell a particular foul odor or have a permanent unpleasant taste in their mouths. There aren’t many therapies for these kinds of ailments, but they are a very big indicator of a more serious problem with the brain.

  • Loss of Balance – Experiencing dizziness and a loss of balance can prove to be the most dangerous symptom of a brain injury. Dizzy spells can occur for seemingly little to no reason and at any time. Sometimes, if walking down a staircase or driving a car, this can be scary and extremely hazardous to your safety, and the safety of those around you. Tests are needed to specifically diagnose exactly what is causing your balance issues.

If you have any of the above symptoms, you may have received a traumatic brain injury as the result of an accident, and you should contact your doctor immediately. The next step is contacting a top personal injury lawyer in Denver to get you the compensation you need and deserve.