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3 Important Facts About Settling Denver Personal Injury Cases

Mark A. Simon Aug. 30, 2015

When an injury or accident occurs, it is important to understand the steps to take and the options available to be compensated - it will usually always come down to two scenarios: those at fault will accept the offer of a settlement outside of court, or a lawsuit is necessary to be compensated for the injury or accident. Many times, a settlement is ideal simply because of the amount of strife and additional measures needed by the injured. However, a lawsuit ultimately might result in greater compensation for the injured depending on the scenario.

There are a few elements to understand when it comes to these cases, and your Denver personal injury attorney can help you through the process. Here are a few things to review and keep in mind when faced with this type of scenario:

  1. What is a Settlement? The basic explanation for a settlement is that the responsible party or defendant offers compensation to the injured party. This can usually take place at any point after the injury or accident has occurred. It does not always happen at the beginning of it all. The case may go to trial, and the responsible party can make a settlement offer at any time, while the final verdict or ruling has not been given. After a settlement has been reached and the injured agrees and accepts, there can be no further implication or lawsuit associated with the responsible party due to the accident.

  2. How Does Insurance Come Into Play? In the case of accidents and personal injury, insurance comes into play the majority of the time - they have the capital to settle and make the payment on behalf of their client and most often will want to associate a cost at the start, rather than not have control over the price. Insurance companies typically will not want to proceed with legal fees and involve a jury, and thus expect that they will pay claims now and again.

  3. Why Do Most Cases End in Settlement? The first point in a personal injury case is that the defendant and their insurance company would most likely want to avoid legal fees and have more control over what the actual settlement amount will be in the end. Avoiding any media attention is often another reason for either the plaintiff, defendant, or the insurance company to avoid trial. At times, trials can go on for lengthy periods of time, which can create surmounting medical bills and legal fees for the injured, which can create serious financial issues.

The question of what to do if a settlement is not an option at the start of your case has a simple answer: find a personal injury attorney Denver trusts and relies on to provide sound advice and careful counsel. At the point when a trial is eminent, feel confident with your representation, call attorney Mark A. Simon to guide you through the process. Mr. Simon offers personal attention and always has your best interest as the number one focus in any proceeding.