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3 Car Safety Features to Prevent an Auto Accident in Denver

Mark A. Simon May 4, 2016

Whether you are in the market for a new vehicle, or are curious about features on your own car, there are many features of a car to help prevent an accident in Denver from happening. Manufacturers today are constantly looking for innovative ways to make cars safer for drivers. While you should always do your best to be a great driver, check out the technologies below:

  1. Bluetooth and Hands-Free: Smartphones are one of the leading distractions for drivers. 46 states have implemented laws that have made texting and driving illegal, and 14 states require drivers to use hands-free technology for making calls. Car manufacturers have taken precautions to help make this safer for drivers, and have made Bluetooth and hands-free technology their go-to for phones and audio. Each manufacturer is different, but will allow you call someone with the press of a button that keeps your eyes on the road. Typically these will allow you to give the car a command to call someone. Bluetooth is also convenient if you would like to listen to music in your car from your phone. It quickly connects, and you can often times control the audio from your steering wheel.

  2. Auto-Brakes and Crash Prevention: There are so many elements surrounding us when we drive. Automatic brakes and crash prevention symptoms will help you with the elements out of your control. Some of the top features with this technology include blind spot detection, lane alerts (if you are going out of your lane), adaptive headlights, and collision control features. If there is an object you are driving towards and not slowing down for, you will be alerted. Some vehicles will take it a step further and have the power to stop the car. Adaptive cruise control is another feature that will use technology to sense the speeds of the cars in front of you and slow down if necessary. Then as traffic picks back up, so will your speed.

  3. Rear Backup Cameras and Parking Assist: Backup cameras are a handy feature to give drivers a little more visibility on what's behind them—more than your rearview mirror. Some vehicles will even give you an alert if you backup and something comes into your way. These backup cameras will also give you guidance with parking to help you know how far you can go without bumping into anything. This also helps you know you're in your parking spot and aren’t too far to one side or the other. For parking assist, this is more of a convenience factor, but if you are not a great parallel parker, this will help you easily get into your parking spot.

Even though cars are using quality technology to make the roads safer, your safety is not 100% guaranteed. If you are in an accident, Mark A. Simon is your local premier Denver auto accident attorney. We will help you with all insurance issues and get the money you deserve in your case. Get a free consultation by filling out our contact form or give us a call.