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The unexpected can take a major toll on the normal daily life you lead – especially when it is due to an injury. Auto accidents, on the job injuries, and other accidents like slip and falls can cause you lost wages, medical bills, and derail your life. Let Mark A. Simon get you back on track.

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We understand that filing a personal injury, workers’ comp, or auto accident claim is a scary step. Personal injury litigation involves a dizzying maze of deadlines and the complex rules of civil procedure. Each claim usually involves multiple insurers, all bringing an onslaught of legal requirements and procedural documentation.  Determining legal responsibility with a personal injury case is a complicated task and if more than one person is responsible for an accident, it can get make your head spin. 


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Hire a dedicated Denver personal injury attorney – for legal council, but also to have someone compassionate by your side who can personally guide you through these complex and confusing processes.

For more than two decades, Mark Simon has been one the top Denver lawyers specializing in auto accident and workers’ comp cases. As a former nurse, Mark truly understands the personal toll these cases can take – from the physical injuries to the financial stress to the emotional impact on you and your family.

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Mark is dedicated to personally keeping you fully informed and involved as he fights for your legal rights. Let your attorney handle the legal issues while you focus on your recovery.

Life happens. If you’re ready to file a personal injury or workers’ comp claim, Mark A. Simon is the right choice to help you resolve your case, maximize your recover, and put your life back together.


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Why a Personal Injury Attorney in Denver Could be Your Ally During the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 27, 2020

The act of going to court to fight for your rights in a case is an intimidating and daunting prospect, one that can include plenty of potential mistakes and mishaps that can completely ruin your chances of experiencing success and receiving the outcome you desire. You can always take the chance of representing yourself in court, but this is almost never recommended, as you may end up making a critical error that can cause you to lose your case. Insurance companies and law firms know how to trick amateurs into making a mistake that can cause them to lose their case, making it important to hire a trusted Denver personal injury to take care of this situation for you. Here are some of the biggest reasons to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you in your case if you’ve been affected by the coronavirus.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Determine How the Coronavirus Applies to Your Case

While there is still much to be learned about the coronavirus pandemic affecting our world, another aspect that still needs to be determined is how this issue will affect the courts, specifically in the world of personal injury law. For instance, individuals who are forced to go to work and become ill as a result of the virus may be entitled to compensation if their employer did not take the necessary steps needed to keep everyone in the workplace safe. Negligence on the part of an employer is almost always grounds for a lawsuit, especially if you or someone else were seriously injured as a result of this reality.

The coronavirus will make this fact even more apparent, as companies and businesses that do not take the necessary precautions will likely be liable for their actions if employees or customers become ill. This will make it vitally important as an individual to have a clear grasp of your rights and what you should be aware of in the event you become ill. As always, if you notice something that is not right at the workplace, make every attempt to have it fixed internally. But while you do this, document every step in the process in the event that your employer does not take the steps needed to fix the situation. 

Mark A. Simon is someone who will fight tirelessly for your rights and ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement for each individual case. He will begin the investigation process immediately, ensuring you receive the best representation possible. When it comes to a personal injury attorney, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for convenience and opt for the first person you find. Select an attorney who will get you the outcome you desire and the settlement you need. If you are in the Denver metro area and require legal help or assistance, contact him at 303-321-4878 to discuss your legal options during a free consultation.