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On-the-Job Seizures and Filing Workers’ Compensation in Denver Claim

February 13, 2019

Seizures are terrifying. You can go from normal life to losing consciousness in a matter of a second. Imagine how dangerous they can be for those driving, operating machinery or more in the workplace. Then if you have a seizure, how will that change your work situation? It is essential to know your rights as an employee when it comes to on-the-job seizures and if you can file a workers’ compensation in Denver claim using a top attorney at law. 

Types of Seizures

Just because a person has a seizure does not mean they have epilepsy. What exactly is a seizure? They occur when there are changes in electrical activity in the brain. They can change a person’s quality of life and can be downright scary. There are four types of seizures a person can have: 

Generalized: A variety of seizures that occur on both sides of the brain, causing a loss of consciousness, jerking, reduction in muscle movement or drooping. 
Infantile Spasms: Occurring in babies up to a year old, these are spasms that only last a couple seconds in increments. During these seizures, a baby will have spasms in their limbs or rolling eyes. 
Partial or focal: Seizure that occurs on half of one side. A person can be aware or unconscious. 
Non-epileptic: Caused by stress, a person can experience a psychogenic seizure without having epilepsy. They mirror symptoms of a focal seizure. A person can also suffer a seizure due to withdrawals from alcohol or medications such as benzodiazepines (i.e., Xanax) or barbiturates.

Seizures in the Workplace

Those with seizures, whether they know they have a condition that causes them or not, can be serious and dangerous in the workplace. If a seizure hits while operating a vehicle or piece of machinery, it can be deadly to all parties involved. Or, those that work in isolated environments can have a seizure and no assistance. 

Employee Rights

Epilepsy is a disability, and those who suffer from it have protections from the Americans with Disabilities Act. This law means a person cannot be discriminated against because of their disability. Also, a person is granted accommodations, permissions and tools/resources needed to accomplish their job. If you have seizures, it is best to know your legal rights

Filing a Claim

Injured workers that get hurt on the job while with epilepsy or non-epileptic seizures may wonder how workers compensation comes into play. Can you file a claim? This is where your local attorney can help. They will review your situation with you and let you know if you have a case. A majority of the claims that are taken on by employees that had a seizure due to work activities. If it is a personal issue not relating to the job, you will most likely have to handle it on your own.  

If you are unsure if you are eligible for a claim, contact Mark A. Simon, the premier Denver workers’ compensation attorney. Mark will review your case and share your options with you. As your go-to attorney, the office will do all the work so that you can worry less. Schedule your free consultation at 303-321-4878.